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Care For Us

We concern ourselves with wild animals kept under poor conditions in captivity, and build constructive relationships with individual zoos, collections and communities to ensure long-term changes are made for animal welfare.    We develop resources to provide guidance on legislation, environmental enrichment, husbandry, veterinary and animal welfare training.

Click on a species below to download simple but informative advice on their care in captivity. Information provided is for guidance only and if there is concern for the animal’s health, a vet should always be consulted. 


Care For Us – Chimpanzees

The genus Pan is composed of two species: Pan paniscus (the bonobo) and Pan troglodytes (the common chimpanzee).  Chimpanzees were...
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Care For Us – Macaques

Macaques are within the genus Old World Monkeys and there are 23 different species of macaques around the world. Most...
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Care For Us – Sun Bears

The sun bear is found in the tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. They are the smallest of all the...
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Care For Us – Asian Elephant

The Asian elephant is found in isolated populations around the world in 13 tropical Asian countries. They inhabit a variety...
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Care For Us – Tigers

The tiger, Panthera tigris, is the largest member of the cat family. The tiger is listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN...
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