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Picture of a lion in a zoo


This World Lion Day, Wild Welfare reports how a beautiful animal continues to decline in the wild in its thousands

There are currently fewer than 20,000 lions remaining across the African continent. An iconic apex predator, it is itself falling prey, every day, to illegal poaching for body parts and the lion bone trade, to trophy hunting and to habitat loss. A CITES discussion taking place in September will consider whether to move African lions from Appendix II to Appendix I, in light of the severe decline.

The Asiatic lion is already an endangered species, with a population of only about 500, existing in the wild only in the Gir Forest in India’s Gujarat state.

Wild Welfare’s director Georgina Allen said: “We urge our supporters to use today to do their bit to help wild lion populations. You can support organisations and campaigns that are conserving wild lions and helping to tackle the reasons for their decline.

“This beautiful species joins an ever-increasing list of wild animals struggling to survive, as the human population grows and exerts its pressure. If everyone can use today to make their own small contribution to lion conservation, then we can have some hope that the species will survive.”


Image © Ltshears, CC BY-SA 3.0

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