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Will you become a #WelfareWarrior for Wild Welfare and make a gift today?


Wild Welfare is one of the only global organisations that solely focuses on protecting captive wild animal welfare in over ten different countries.
By making a regular gift today you will be helping to sustain our work long into the future and making a difference for animals around the world.
Without your support this is just not possible.
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Did you know?

It’s estimated that there are more captive wild animal facilities in the world than there are cheetahs and tigers left in the wild combined. Thousands of these facilities exist, but despite advances in welfare science only a small amount of these actually provide a good standard of animal care. From dull, barren enclosures, over-crowded spaces and poor health care, to circus style shows or visitor interactions, all can result in bored, stressed and frightened animals. 

Because of this, animals are suffering. We want to change that.

Each year, Wild Welfare’s work supports improvements for thousands of wild animals living in zoos and aquariums around the world. 

But we are seeing an increasing need for our help and there is so much more we want to be able to do.  With your support we can help even more animals! Please donate today.

Become a #WelfareWarrior for animals today

Your support really does make a difference. From £1 to £20 your regular gift will help us reach more facilities, work with more people and help more animals. Below are just a few ways your donation helps:
£5 a month

…could help us fund welfare assessments of the animals. These are critical to identifying opportunities for improvements to positively impact animal welfare.

£10 a month

..could help towards translations and partnerships. We work in over 10 different countries and communicating & sharing accurate information to the zoos and animal welfare partners we’re working with is vital. 

£20 a month

..could help us develop welfare tool kits ranging from enrichment programmes to veterinary training, each tailored specifically for the facility we are working with.


Download our donation form and return your donation to us by post. Please make cheques payable to Wild Welfare.
To make donations in various currencies (inc. Euros, Australian Dollars & Hong Kong Dollars), visit our partners at JustGiving.
Make a donation directly into our bank account. Download our bank transfer form for our banking details.
To donate in multiple currencies and find out more about donating to our projects, visit our GlobalGiving page.

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From conducting welfare assessments in zoos and delivering hands-on training with zoo staff to developing educational materials, addressing legislation gaps in wild animal welfare governance and carrying out research, our work is varied and vast, but is absolutely focussed on improving welfare for wild animals living in captivity around the world.
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