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E-Learning Programme

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Wild Welfare’s E-Learning Programme

Our e-learning programme is designed primarily for keepers who have not had the opportunity to learn about animal welfare concepts and basic husbandry practices. We work with many zoos and aquariums whose staff are eager to learn ways in which they can improve animal welfare standards within their facility. This programme is designed to help them to do that.

Each module has a learning document and a complimentary interactive “articulate” in which questions and activities can help encourage learning and retention of knowledge. Please select a topic and complete both aspects of the module before completing the feedback survey. 

The E-learning programme is currently being developed and assessed but has not yet been launched. Wild Welfare intends to disclose confidential information to the trial audience for the purpose of testing the viability of the programme.

The participants of the trial audience will undertake not to use, reproduce, publish (in whole or in part), discuss or make available to any other person, firm or entity, the confidential information disclosed during this trial period for any purpose without first obtaining the written agreement of the Wild Welfare.

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Nutrition & Feeding Module

In this module the aim is to gain knowledge and understanding of: Why a nutritionally balanced diet is necessary to...
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Behaviour & Enrichment Module

Due to the length of the interactive modules, behaviour and enrichment have been split into two online modules. The learning...
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Animal Welfare E-Learning 

Animal Welfare Concepts Module

In this module the aim is to gain knowledge and understanding of: What animal welfare means and what “duty of care”...
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From conducting welfare assessments in zoos and delivering hands-on training with zoo staff to developing educational materials, addressing legislation gaps in wild animal welfare governance and carrying out research, our work is varied and vast, but is absolutely focussed on improving welfare for wild animals living in captivity around the world.
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