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One Community

One Community Approach

Our “One Community” approach galvanises a collaborative and compassionate approach from leading zoos, aquariums and animal welfare NGOs to take innovative action towards bettering animal welfare policies and practices.  Are aim is to create a united body of experts and resources who are willing to tackle the significant issue of captive wild animal welfare around the world. We strongly believe that long-term solutions are best sought through positive dialogue and action.  It requires the combined effort of both the accredited zoo and global animal welfare communities to provide an effective, urgent and experienced response that provides practical and enduring solutions. 

Wild Welfare brings together a team with experience-based expertise in assessing and improving wild animal welfare and husbandry issues in the developing world.  Previous and current examples include offering support in the development of welfare accreditation, national legislative standards, practical hands-on care, volunteer placements, twinning of zoos, international training and management workshops and providing resources and strategic support to develop future animal welfare policy.

As an organisation well integrated into the zoo community and with strong networks into the welfare community we believe a professional approach underpins all our work.  We recognize that every zoological collection is different, with a wide range of available expertise, resources and capacity. While our team can co-ordinate and project-manage various welfare programmes, it is the zoos and their dedicated staff that can provide us with the resources, time and expertise to make sure positive changes happen and knowledge and experiences are shared around the world.

Zoos and aquariums underpin the critical role that zoo professionals have in driving improvements in captive wild animal welfare. This in time will improve the general public attitude toward all zoos and their values to society. The challenge is considerable and addressing wild animal welfare is, and will remain complicated. Through bringing together a range of skills, views, networks and resources, we can make a real difference in improving the welfare for many wild animals around the world, and collectively help to change minds, attitudes and practices.


Our One Community Approach focuses on “Promotion, Empowerment and Awareness”

Wild Welfare’s fundamental activities are separated into five areas – Direct Institutional Support, Community Action, Policy & Resource Development, Partnership Networks and Public Awareness We approach these activities under our “One Community” plan. 

We…Directly Improve Captive Animal Welfare

We…Challenge practices that compromise captive wild animal welfare.


We…Promote, empower and raise awareness on animal welfare issues

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