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Why we need to raise funds

Wild Welfare has an ambitious strategy to effect real change to improve captive animal welfare. To deliver this strategy, we need funds. In raising these funds, we will share our vision, our plan of work and our impact and will seek to engage as many supporters as possible. Raising funds does not drive the work of Wild Welfare; it drives our ability to deliver our work. In donating and raising funds, our supporters are acting to improve captive animal welfare.

How we raise funds

We are honest and behave with integrity in all our fundraising activities. We raise funds in accordance with our fundraising policy, principles and associated procedures, and with our data protection policy and procedures. These comply with relevant UK laws and regulation, including those related to privacy. We respect our supporters’ privacy and right to decide how and if Wild Welfare contacts them. We treat people equally and fairly and follow the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice regarding how we engage with supporters who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

All Wild Welfare staff and volunteers involved in fundraising are required to have a thorough understanding of this policy, and adhere to it and its associated procedures.
Where our funds come from:
  • We will seek to generate income and donations from a diverse range of sources to ensure we maintain our sustainability and do not become dependent on any single source of income.
  • We accept donations from a range of organisations – trusts, foundations, companies, commercial organisations and unions – where there will be a benefit to our animal welfare work, without compromising our mission, independence and credibility. We accept donations from governments only for projects to educate people and communities to improve captive animal welfare.
  • We will not solicit or accept gifts from individuals, governments or organisations that might use their funding relationship with Wild Welfare to deflect criticism from their own involvement in animal welfare issues, or with whom association would significantly risk our reputation.
  • All gifts and offers of support from organisations and governments will be screened against a set of ethical guidelines in accordance with our fundraising procedures. Sizeable gifts and legacies from individuals will also be subject to screening prior to solicitation or acceptance. If we turn down a gift or offer of support, we will explain why. We can only accept donations that are lawfully made.
  • We actively seek funding in pursuit of our charitable and strategic objectives. We ensure that projects for which we raise funds reflect our mission and priorities and that neither the funding opportunities we pursue, nor the requirements of funders, will deflect us from our strategic objectives.
  • We operate the Charity Commission’s ‘Know your Donor’ principle and will make reasonable and appropriate attempts to identify any individual or organisation that gives us financial support, particularly where significant sums are being donated, or the circumstances of the donation might give rise to notable risk.
  • We will not accept anonymous corporate donations. We may accept anonymous individual, or trust donations where there has been a rigorous third party due diligence process, to confirm that Wild Welfare is not potentially compromised. If a supporter makes themselves known to Wild Welfare but wishes their gift to remain anonymous, we will honour these wishes, on the basis that the donation carries no significant reputational risk.

This policy was reviewed and approved by Wild Welfare’s Board of Trustees on 28th August 2020. Wild Welfare’s UK registered charity number:1165941.

Download Wild Welfare’s Ethical Fundraising Policy HERE

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