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Why our partners are so important to us

Wild Welfare is incredibly grateful to all its partners and donors, without whose support we wouldn’t be able to carry out our work. From providing welfare assessments in wildlife facilities around the globe, to producing animal care and welfare educational materials; from practical on the ground staff training to raising concern on inappropriate animal welfare practices, every year we rely on your support to help us run and expand our worldwide projects.

“Thanks to your support, we are able to work with dedicated partners in some of the world’s most challenging countries and zoo situations, making a difference through positive and collaborative welfare capacity building. With your help, we have been able to facilitate practical experience, global networking and intelligence gathering, to expand the zoo community’s understanding of the captive animal welfare problem. Our aim is to achieve what we all want to see: a world where every zoo and aquarium promotes the highest standards of animal care and welfare, and with your continued support we can do just that.”

 Dr David Jones,  Wild Welfare Chairman

How Working with captive wildlife facilities makes a difference

As an organisation well integrated into the zoological community and with strong networks in the animal welfare community, a professional approach underpins all our work. We recognise that every wildlife facility is different, with a wide range of available expertise, resources and capacity. Zoos and aquariums underpin the critical role that zoo professionals have in driving improvements in captive wild animal welfare. This in time will improve the general public attitude towards all zoos and their value to society. The challenge is considerable and addressing wild animal welfare is, and will remain complicated. Through bringing together a range of skills, views, networks and resources, we can make a real difference and improve welfare for many wild animals around the world, and collectively help change minds, attitudes and practices.

Why Support Wild Welfare?

“Wild Welfare is tackling these issues in a professional and strategic manner, getting to the heart of the problem to ensure a happy long-term future for all captive wild animals.”

Cheryl Williams, CEO Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, UK

Wild Welfare is working at the forefront of captive animal welfare. We are providing support to zoos, aquariums and wildlife facilities around the world, partnering with the leading animal welfare and zoological communities to provide support, training and ongoing advice to animal care staff and wildlife veterinarians, helping to raise care and welfare standards that benefit thousands of wild animals living in captivity across the globe.

We are always looking for new donors and partners to help support our global projects.

Read our Case for Support here and get in touch with us to discuss the partnership and funding opportunities we have available – CONTACT US.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Training and Advice

Immediate animal welfare improvements help individual animals, while more long-term changes help animals across a whole facility. Your support enables us to provide both expert resources and practical advice, supporting improvements in animal basic care, veterinary treatment, animal behaviour and environmental enrichment. 

Developing Legislation

Many countries still lack the basic constitutional foundation that reflects the humane treatment of animals, or current laws have inadequate provision for wild animals in captivity. Your support helps us provide national legislation standards for animal welfare that reflect significant improvements in animal care and welfare and properly recognise the welfare needs of captive wild animals.

Inspiring Change

Your backing supports us as we assess, advise and train wildlife facilities and their staff around the world. Our compassionate, empathy-based approach is helping to improve understanding and awareness of animal welfare and animals’ needs and enabling the development of welfare capacity, so all facilities housing wild animals can provide optimum care and welfare.

Creating Resources

From animal enrichment portfolios and zoo welfare legislation frameworks to e-learning programmes and educational videos, your support helps us develop the resources that are needed most. These resources make a significant difference to animal welfare, by enabling us to educate, empower and guide the very people responsible for caring for captive wildlife around the world.

Raising Awareness

Your support allows us to raise the issue of sub-standard zoos within the global animal welfare and zoo communities. We are uniting resources, providing independent welfare assessments and developing platforms for the discussion of captive animal welfare concerns and how to address them.

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