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Hear more about our impact from our supporters in the animal welfare and zoological communities

“Animals Asia has partnered with Wild Welfare since 2014, to improve the welfare of captive wild animals in Vietnam. Wild Welfare continually excel in their provision of expertise to improve the welfare of captive wild animals, developing improvements which have a positive impact on all animals within facilities they work with, and in the development of positive working relationships with government officials and regional zoo associations. This dedication and professionalism is leading to welfare improvements for animals within our partnership programmes in Vietnam, as well as globally through their work with other associations and zoos.”

David Neale, Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia

“Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation are delighted to support Wild Welfare. Animal welfare should be a priority for all zoos around the world, and cruelty and neglect is not acceptable in the 21st Century. With hundreds of zoos around the world still hosting sub-standard conditions for animals, Wild Welfare is tackling these issues in a professional and strategic manner, getting to the heart of the problem to ensure a happy long-term future for all captive wild animals.”

Cheryl Williams , CEO, Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

“Wild Welfare is an emerging global presence in zoo animal welfare. Its talented and committed staff provide excellent support to zoos around the world. Its focus working with zoos in developing countries is on providing practical and hands-on advice to improve welfare and governance. The team’s expertise in training, working across cultures and linking effectively with in-country expertise is essential and needed more than ever in the context of our increased knowledge of animals and their needs to ensure better lives for all animals in human care.”

Susan Hunt, Past President, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

“Addressing the issue of poor animal welfare in substandard zoos around the world is extremely important. The conditions animals face in these zoos is completely unacceptable. Additionally, this situation reflects badly on the public perception of the entire zoo community, which is wholly undeserved. I believe that Wild Welfare, with support from the zoo community, is very well placed to address the welfare issues in those sub-standard zoos that are willing to accept guidance, due to its engaging, proactive approach and the skills and experience of the personnel involved.”

Mark Pilgrim, Director, Werribee Open Range Zoo

“I have always believed, and still do, that achieving positive animal welfare for the animals in their care is the most important focus for any zoo or aquarium. Every other important part of their work cannot happen with credibility without positive welfare for the animals that live in that organisation and it is the basic tenant of being a progressive zoo or aquarium. Wild Welfare is well placed to assist with this focus across the world. Wild Welfare is vital to ensuring that the global zoo and aquarium community focusses on positive animal welfare in all circumstances, in all countries, making a difference to less than ideal circumstances for animals in human care. I am honoured to be on the Wild Welfare board and have the utmost respect for the work of the charity’s team.”

Karen Fifield , Chief Executive, Wellington Zoo Trust and former Wild Welfare trustee

“Wild Welfare has made an impressive start in addressing the welfare problems of zoos in the developing world. Their recent initiative in working with the Indonesian Government in Surabaya Zoo clearly indicates their growing success. By liaison with WAZA and zoo-experienced NGOs, Wild Welfare will make a significant impact in this welfare-critical arena. They deserve all our support.”

Major General Peter Davies CB, President, Eurogroup for Animals and Past Director General of RSPCA and WSPA

“Poor animal welfare in sub-standard zoos is a global issue that needs to be addressed. I believe Wild Welfare is a vital initiative, significantly helping improve the welfare of captive wild animals by utilising zoo expertise and creating constructive partnerships and networks to find long-term welfare solutions for the animals in need of our help. I support Wild Welfare’s efforts in this important cause.”

Bernard Harrison, Bernard Harrison and Friends Ltd, Past Vice President of WAZA and previous Wild Welfare trustee

“All zoos and aquariums in the 21st century must aim to achieve the highest possible standards of animal welfare. Sadly, more than 80% zoos are not members of regional zoo associations and do not work to professionally accepted standards. Many of them need a lot of help, especially in improving their animal husbandry and care. Wild Welfare can provide this help, drawing also on the support of the mainstream zoo community, contributing skills and expertise where needed. I very much support Wild Welfare’s efforts in taking the initiative to improve animal welfare standards in many zoos and countries that would otherwise not get such assistance.”

Lee Ehmke , Past President, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

“The experience of partnership working with Wild Welfare was enriching to Brazilian Association of Zoos and Aquarium (SZB), because it enabled us to evaluate aspects that directly affect the animal welfare at zoos. The valuable assessment, through a systematic and objective approach, reported actions that could immediately improve the zoo animals’ quality of life and the management practices in Brazilian zoos.”

Paloma Bosso, Past Executive Director, Brazilian Zoo Association (SZB)

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