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Welcome to our Webinars!

The Wild Welfare team provides training in captive wild animal management practices that helps support practical animal care and welfare improvements. From working with zoo keepers caring for animals to government officials enforcing animal welfare law, we train people around the world, covering all aspects of animal care for captive wildlife.

Our training considers all aspects of operational management that impact animal welfare, from healthcare and veterinary techniques, to animal nutrition and behaviour, enrichment and enclosure design. We also consider animal welfare assessment methodology and practice and collectively bring together everything learnt to support effective and evidence-based collection welfare auditing.

“The Wild Welfare seminar was really popular! We really hope to continue this partnership with Wild Welfare, to help more students, vets and key government staff learn about why animal welfare and assessment is so important for zoos and aquariums in Japan.”

Some of our animal care and welfare training workshops are available as Webinar Training – offering delegates the chance to learn, connect and interact online.

Learn more about our webinars below!

Our Webinars will enable you to…

Learn New Skills

Our webinars are like our in-person workshops in many ways, but carried out online instead! Our goal is for you to learn new skills that are practical and applicable in the routine care of all species found within zoological collections and sanctuaries.

Engage, Participate, Create

We apply the same principles to online learning as we do to learning in the classroom; we provide engaging materials, we encourage active participation and interaction, we are creative, and we listen and learn from everyone involved. 

Discuss & Solve

Through our webinars we create platforms for two-way discussion, provide problem-based learning scenarios and opportunities for Q and As and further interaction with instructors if necessary. 

Our goal is to support individuals and organisations in their ongoing commitment to improving welfare for the animals in their care

The two types of webinar we offer:
Public Webinars

These are free to all and anyone can take part. These webinars are on specific topics and issues within captive animal welfare, focused on our experiences from around the world. Whether it’s talking through our unique rescue of four bears from Japan, or a Q & A with one of our field team to discover more about our work, these webinars are informative, interactive and fun! Usually no longer than one hour, take a look at our current public webinars HERE. 

Professional Webinars

These are free or require a small donation and are for delegates of whom we have an established partnership with, or through discussion, we believe will benefit from our specific training (please see below for further information on this). Our priority is to upskill keepers, carers and curators that are directly looking after animals. These webinars are therefore focused on providing training in tangible and practical skills that are applicable on a daily basis. From animal feeding and enrichment to auditing and assessment of animal welfare, these webinars are presented by experienced staff from within our team and wider network. These webinars are usually carried out over half to three days depending on the webinar and specific requirements.

Who will benefit from our Professional Webinars?

Our training focuses on improving animal welfare for animals in captivity. All animals under human care require due consideration, from reptiles to presentation animals, to animals used for feeding practices, we don’t just focus on the charismatic fauna! We consider all the aspects of operational management in a facility that can impact animal welfare, including nutrition, health and safety, operational guidelines, collection planning, transport, veterinary care and enclosure and enrichment design.


Our webinars support individual animal care staff wanting to improve their understanding on animal welfare in relation to their day-to-day care of animals. Regardless of the facilities infrastructure and budget, this knowledge can be used to apply practical and easy solutions that can significantly improve an animal’s quality of life and upskill staff members.

Zoological facilities

Our webinars help facilities develop skills in their wider collection management and the operational activities that underwrite their welfare, education and conservation objectives. From developing standard operating procedures and improving record management to tailoring enrichment programmes, our training webinars work across a range of zoological facilities, from very small facilities with limited budgets to larger establishments. Our webinars are always tailored to your facility’s specific needs.


Our webinars are not just for zoos and aquariums – many similar operational duties are applicable in sanctuaries too. Our priority is always to improve the welfare of animals and we provide support for facilities holding exotic wild animals regardless of their objectives.

Zoological Associations 

We have specific expertise in upskilling national and regional zoological associations in their capacity to have a welfare certification programme within their membership. We tailor our training on welfare certification to suit an association’s individual needs, without losing the animal welfare credibility.

Non-English delegates – our webinars are presented by English speakers, but we are experienced in delivering training around the world and will endeavour to provide professional translators where needed. 

While we will do our best to accommodate all requested training, we have to prioritise current partnerships. Take a look at the professional webinars below and contact us to discuss availability and interest, indicating which webinar you are interested in, the number of participants and the institution you are from.

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The following webinars are currently available:

Captive Animal Welfare & Behaviour

What does good welfare actually mean to an animal? Is it the same for all species? Do individuals have preferences? Why is choice and control important to animals? How can I make small adjustments to my daily care that will significantly improve the lives of animals?

We can use our knowledge in modern animal welfare concepts, an animal’s natural biology and their personal traits and preferences, to provide environments and daily care that allows animals to thrive, not just survive in captivity. 

Who will benefit from this training?

This training is for any animal carer interested in understanding the latest concepts in animal welfare and the application of best practice standards relating to these concepts. Zoos, sanctuaries and zoological associations committed to developing their membership welfare programmes will also benefit.

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Animal Enrichment

How can we provide rewarding environments for our animals through environmental enrichment? How do we know what is important to them and what we should prioritise? Can we provide enrichment on a limited budget and time? Do all species need enrichment? 

We will discuss in this webinar why enrichment is important, what it should actually achieve in captivity, when and who it should be provided to and how you can create a comprehensive programme for your facility that benefits not only the animals, but staff and visitors too.

Who will benefit from this training?

This webinar is for any animal carer who is interested in building a safe and practical enrichment programme. Zoos, sanctuaries and zoological associations committed to developing their membership welfare programmes will also benefit.

Giraffe feeding in a zoo, Image © Abhishek Desai on Unsplash

Nutrition and Feeding

How do we know what to feed an animal or whether they are finding it both nutritional and enjoyable to eat? How do we ensure we keep clear feeding records and prepare food in a hygienic, safe manner?

Animals in the wild can spend significant time and energy sourcing food. What we feed an animal and how we feed them are some of the most important aspects of care for animals in captivity. In this webinar we consider how to appropriately prepare diets, consider specific feeding behaviours and how to ensure effective records are being used to monitor individual diets against other health and behavioural factors.

Who will benefit from this training?

This webinar is for any animal carer who is interested in ensuring they are providing appropriate diets and feeding programmes in their facility. Zoos, sanctuaries and zoological associations committed to developing their membership welfare programmes will also benefit.

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