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Why Provide a national standard for captive wild animals? 

  • Animal Welfare Legislation supports compliance of good practice management within captive facilities

  • Provides clear and concise guidance on management parameters

  • Supports both generic animal welfare practices and more specific management practices through subsidiary and codes of practice

  • Provides authority that oversees all institutions and can devolve Powers out to expert committees

  • Demonstrates national commitment to captive and wild animal care and management

 Further to this, a national zoo standard for captive wild animals can provide a backbone for further standards in compliance on a wide range of animal related issues (farming, research, companion, agricultural, entertainment), can be developed to be country appropriate and provides a central Authority for enforcement.


The Difference between Management Guidelines and a Zoo License

Guidelines are NOT a substitute for licensing as they cannot enforce standards and are not moderated by a chosen authority, but are created by experienced stakeholders. Guidelines are generally not mandatory but instead provide direction. A zoo license gives authority to its chosen Power to implement these guidelines through it’s primary legislation.

Good zoo standard Legislation Provides:

Consistent and clear protection for all animals within our care.

A chosen authority

Defines parameters (through guidance)

It supports institutional and national conservation and educational objectives

It is institutionally applicable




Wild Welfare are providing guidance on Zoo Licensing and Welfare Standards that will help manage, implement and enforce better welfare standards and practices for captive wild animals

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