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Our Urgent Appeal

Each year, Wild Welfare’s work supports welfare improvements for thousands of wild animals living in captive facilities around the world. We need your help now to ensure we can continue.
Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, Wild Welfare’s work is needed now more than ever to continue our critical frontline programmes to end the suffering of captive wild animals. Sadly animals are often among the first to feel the impact of global uncertainty. As zoos continue to suffer financial downturns, immediate relief and longer term support will be urgently needed, particularly for those facilities that already experience poor standards. This is where we can help. 
We are the only charity focused solely on this international work, with a team that has unique expertise in exotic animal welfare, providing irreplaceable training and support to communities that helps end terrible animal suffering through a compassionate, collaborative approach. Because of the global travel restrictions, we have adapted our programmes so we can deliver remote training.  We remain in constant communication with our partners worldwide, offering daily support to the worried communities looking after these animals under such uncertain circumstances. 
As a charity we are reliant on our supporters to continue to eradicate the suffering of captive wild animals now, and in the years to come, and we want to be as transparent as possible with you. The coronavirus pandemic is due to have an unprecedented impact on our finances. Though it is hard to predict how far-reaching the consequences will be, this will affect our ability to continue our work.
However, with COVID-19 undeniably impacting captive wild animal facilities like zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, demand for our work is only increasing. We are doing everything we can to mitigate the impact of coronavirus, both for the animals, and the communities we help, as well as ourselves as an organisation, by seeking government support, but this alone will not be enough. In this time of crushing human tragedy, we understand that government-based support for charities must prioritise frontline services and support our UK National Health Service. Because our projects are overseas, in countries that need our help, we are not eligible for most UK-focussed coronavirus emergency grants.
We understand that during this turbulent period, many people will not be able to make a donation. But please, if you can spare any amount, however large or small, to help Wild Welfare continue to alleviate animal suffering, it would be hugely appreciated. We urgently need to empower and enable staff to continue providing the support and resources to animals in need. Please consider making a donation to us if you can, by clicking one of the donation options below.
We appreciate support of any size and accept one-off donations via all major credit/debit cards, PayPal and our CAF Charity Account, and recurring donations via direct debit.
Please help us continue to be able to make a difference for animals. Thank you for your support.

David Jones

Wild Welfare Founder and Chairman

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