Registered Charity in England & Wales No.1165941

Welfare Training and Assessments

Our team provides training in captive wild animal management practices to help support improvements in zoo animal welfare. Our training covers all aspects of animal care within zoos, from healthcare and veterinary techniques, to animal nutrition and behaviour and species-specific care.

Wild Welfare’s training is theoretical and practical-based and centred on creating environments to instil confidence, encourage inclusivity and focus on problem-solving activities which can help individuals learn complex topics more easily.

We train zoo keeping teams, veterinarians, students and zoo management staff and our workshops and presentations help form part of the long-term improvements we make within zoos around the world.

Wild Welfare’s practical welfare assessment tools help identify specific welfare concerns within a facility housing captive wild animals. With full cooperation with a zoo, we conduct our welfare assessments which look at all aspects of the zoo management and resource processes that can lead to poor animal welfare.

We tailor assessments to a facility’s needs, depending on whether we are generating an initial report on animal care opportunities and any gaps in welfare, or as part of a regional association’s welfare programme or any national animal welfare regulations in place.

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