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Siti Appeal - UPDATE

Rescued from the illegal pet trade and desperate for a home with others of her kind, this beautiful Moor Macaque has been waiting to return to her native Sulawesi for over two years due to the complex challenges of moving animals across international borders. 

We are delighted to share that on the 3rd of April 2023 Siti began the first steps on her homeward bound journey. The Wild Welfare Team were determined never to give up on her, having to overcome so many obstacles to ensure she was able to return home and provide for her safety and welfare during the move.

After a four hour charter flight, accompanied by members of the team, she has arrived safely at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre and now begins her mandatory quarantine period. We are looking forward to sharing further updates as she settles into her new home. 

The rescue and relocation of individual animals is not a normal part of Wild Welfare’s work, but the charity is always willing to help animals in need where it can.

It’s not too late to support Siti on her journey and we want to thank everyone who has gotten behind this campaign so far.

We still need to raise £5,000 to meet the cost of her translocation. Can you help us cover the expenses of her journey as she continues to settle into her new home? A generous supporter has pledged to match funds, doubling your donation, so for every £10 you can give, £20 will go towards Siti’s journey towards a better life.

To read Siti’s full story from the beginning, see below.

Siti is a young macaque who was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Malaysia. She is currently living alone at a wildlife park in Sabah and we urgently need your help to transport her back to her native home in Indonesia.
Siti is a moor macaque (Macaca maura), an endangered species endemic to the island of Sulawesi. Through no fault of her own Siti was illegally trafficked out of Indonesia into Malaysia where she was kept as a pet.
Intercepted by Sabah Wildlife Department and brought to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park for care, Siti is safe there but there are no other moor macaques for her to live with and she desperately needs to be with others of her own kind.
We have found Siti a new home at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre’s Macaque Sanctuary in Sulawesi, where she will have the company of other macaques and be introduced into a small group of young rescued individuals. Moor macaques are Sulawesi’s most endangered species, so Siti is very important for their conservation and survival and we hope that in time Tasikoki can reintroduce her and the rest of the group back into the wild. 
We urgently need your support to help move Siti as soon as possible and give her a chance to thrive. Please consider making a donation to help Siti, giving her the new life she deserves and protecting her species for the future.
Simon Marsh
Wild Welfare’s Director
Siti in her current enclosure at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Malaysia, where she is living alone without the company of other macaques.
Help give Siti the chance to live with other macaques like these ones at Tasikoki Wildlife Centre in Sulawesi, her native home.

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