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The 51st International Zoo Yearbook


The 51st International Zoo Yearbook

We are very pleased to announce that Wild Welfare’s field director, Dave Morgan, and our science advisor Tiffany Blackett, will be published in the 51st International Zoo Yearbook.

The Yearbook is an international forum where information can be shared on what roles zoos play in the conservation of species and their habitats. A co-ordinated effort is needed when it comes to investigating and collecting data on the biology and behaviour of wild animals. The Yearbook provides a comprehensive resource, where results can be shared between institutions involved in the study and preservation of wildlife.

The article, entitled ‘The Welfare of Wild Animals in Zoological Institutions: Are we meeting our duty of care?’, co-authored with Carol McKenna and L. Kavanagh, will feature in the 51st volume of the Yearbook, published annually by The Zoological Society of London.

The article takes a look at some of Wild Welfare’s work, work that has focused on improving and promoting good welfare in zoological institutions with suboptimal conditions, in countries where help is most needed. It looks at the approach used, where advancing animal welfare was achieved by establishing the fundamental requirements for the welfare of wild animals in human care, and developing an accompanying assessment tool that incorporated the Mellor Five Domains model.

Dave and Tiffany were thrilled to contribute to this article and use experience from Wild Welfare’s projects to form part of this valuable publication. The Yearbook is due to be published in early 2017.

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