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Animal Welfare & Behaviour Training

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare science is used to define how an animal is coping with the conditions in which it lives. It considers actual feelings and sensations that an animal experiences and refers to the psychological well-being of the individual. Every animal has the right to live a good life and lead a life worth living. A good life in captivity for an animal, might be one where they can consistently experience good welfare throughout their entire life. Best practice animal care is about ensuring animals are thriving under our care, not just surviving. 

Our Welfare and Behaviour webinars consider what welfare means to the animal and how the provision of the three Cs – comfort, control and choice – combined with the knowledge of a species’ natural biology and individual preferences can help us improve our daily care for animals. 

We currently offer this training as a standalone Webinar Package (two webinars and workshop exercises), or combined with our Welfare Auditing training – which includes four individual webinars each on a different topic. If you would like to benefit from this Webinar Package, read more about what the training involves and contact us using the details below. 

In our Animal Welfare and Behaviour Webinars you will learn…


Modern Concepts in Animal Welfare

This webinar takes the delegate through contemporary thinking behind animal welfare and what constitutes appropriate welfare for wild animals in captivity. It considers our ethical obligations and social license in regard to the welfare of animals under our care and the three C’s – comfort, choice and control – when creating optimal environments for animals in captivity.  The aim is to empower delegates to understand how modern welfare concepts can underpin all operational activities within a captive facility, and more specifically help us make simple changes to our daily care that will improve the welfare of animals significantly. 

Meeting Behavioural Needs

This webinar considers what shapes an animal’s behaviour and why it is always meaningful. It considers what behavioural and physical environments cause stress or frustration and which ones allow an animal to thrive and how we can create these environments by building on our knowledge of the species biology and individual traits. The aim is to empower delegates to use the lessons learnt within the animal welfare webinar and behavioural webinar and confidently apply them their day to day care of animals. The webinar concludes with interactive exercises.

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