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Indonesian zoos to be standardised

Wild Welfare response

Indonesian zoos to be standardised

Wild Welfare responds to news that Indonesian Zoos will be standardised.

Dave Morgan, the field operations director for Wild Welfare, was recently in Indonesia and has been conferring with colleagues at the Indonesian Zoo Association (PKBSI) in Jakarta. PKBSI recently hosted a meeting at which 42 of the 52 member zoos of the association attended. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the outcomes and agreements that PKBSI had come to, in discussions with the Indonesian Department of Environment and Forestry.

These are in effect:

a). PKBSI has undertaken to develop a Zoo Operations Manual for their membership, that covers husbandry and welfare during the course of this year, which members will be required to be compliant with;

b). PKBSI has to develop a keeper competency training course and certificate, and all animal care staff have to undergo the training;

c). PKBSI will require all vets to register through the Indonesian professional certification association as zoo veterinarians.

Mr Morgan said: “This is positive news. A few years ago, the Indonesian Department of Environment and Forestry and PKBSI established a grading system for live animal collections which zoos, safari parks and aquariums fall under.

“This process is ongoing as all Indonesian facilities have to be accredited against this standard in order to maintain their operational license from the Department of Environment and Forestry. However, this further implementation of the standard will, with the support of PKBSI, require a much higher provision of care.”

Mr Morgan went on to say Wild Welfare has already contributed to these developments with technical expertise and documentation. “We performed specialised zoo veterinary training last year in collaboration with PKBSI, and the veterinary faculties of the Universities of Edinburgh and Bogor, in a multi-partnership project which we plan to repeat this year.”

Wild Welfare will continue to work in Indonesia throughout 2017, supporting PKBSI and the Department of Environment and Forestry, with these facility standard improvements.


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