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Wild Welfare is incredibly grateful to all its donors.
Without their support we wouldn't be able to carry out our work.
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“Thanks to your support, We have been able to facilitate practical experience, global networking and intelligence gathering to expand the zoo community’s understanding of the captive animal welfare problem by working with partners in some of the world’s most challenging countries and zoo situations. From providing welfare assessments, producing ethical and welfare guidance, practical training, legislative captive welfare direction and raising the concern of continued animal interactions for entertainment, this year alone we’ve successfully supported a number of projects that have made a real difference to animal welfare.
Our strategy aims to make a difference through positive and collaborative welfare capacity building and will continue to develop. It aims to achieve what we all want to see: a world where every zoo and aquarium espouses and supports the highest standards of animal care and welfare.”

Dr David Jones, Chairman Wild Welfare

How Does Your Donation Help?

Training and Advice

Immediate animal welfare improvements help the individual while more long-term changes, help the collection. We are providing both expert resources and practical advice that supports improvements in animal management care & veterinary treatment. This includes training mahouts using positive reinforcement to support veterinary care & management of elephants in Vietnam, working with institutions to improve animal care & regional zoo associations to provide association-wide welfare improvements

Representing Animal Welfare

Your support allows us to raise the issue of sub-standard zoos within the global zoo and animal welfare community, uniting resources, providing assessments and developing platforms for discussion on captive animal welfare

Creating Animal Welfare Resources

From enrichment portfolios in Japan to legislative frameworks and compassionate training programmes, your support helps us develop the resources that are needed the most to guide, advise and improve on animal practices that can make a significant difference to animal welfare

Developing National Legislation

There is a growing understanding in society of the importance of respect and protection for animals as an indicator of a country’s ethical and moral standard. However despite this, many countries still lack the basic constitutional foundation that reflects the humane treatment of animals, or has out-dated and inadequate provisions. Your support can help us provide national legislation standards for animal welfare that reflect significant improvements and recognition of animal welfare needs

Inspiring Change

Your support allows Wild Welfare to assess, advise and train sub-standard zoos around the world, developing welfare capacity and improved comprehension.
We are always looking for new sponsors and donors and welcome discussions on our unique funding opportunities to maximise these partnerships.
If you are a Zoo or Aquarium, please take a look at our sponsorship options and contact us for further information.
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