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Are you interested in learning more about the welfare of wild animals living in captive facilities? Perhaps you would like to know how we, and our partners, make care and welfare for captive wildlife top of the agenda through our global work?

Then our Public Webinars are for You

We have new topics regularly from a huge range of talented speakers within the field of animal welfare. Webinars include speaker talks, Q&A style sessions and panel discussions, covering a range of topics on global captive animal welfare issues.

Interesting and Informative Topics

With topics that will interest anyone that cares for or cares about wildlife and wild animals, our public webinars are suitable for members of the public, zookeepers, wildlife sanctuary staff and anyone caring for wild animals living in captive facilities.

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Our webinars are free of charge, simply sign up then go online to watch and listen on the day.

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This Month’s Webinar…

Welfare for Wildlife

This webinar series showcases topical subjects and inspirational projects on captive wild animal welfare from around the world. Developed by Wild Welfare and Global Animal Welfare, each webinar in this exciting series brings you expert speakers who are dedicated to improving animal welfare.
Positive reinforcement training and enrichment: a behavioural management approach to enhancing animal welfare. May 24th 12:00pm BST
Gail Laule, MA, Vice President, Animal Presentations, Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Gail earned a Masters Degree in Behavioural Science from California State University. Through her consulting company, Active Environments, she has been an animal behaviour consultant and workshop instructor for 30 years, working with zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, rescue centres, and research facilities internationally, guiding them in the development of behavioural management programs to enhance the care and welfare of captive animals. During her career, she co-developed innovative and progressive animal care techniques, including the concept of behavioural management, which integrates positive reinforcement training and environmental enrichment into a comprehensive systems-based approach to optimal care for all species. She also co-developed Protected Contact, a positive reinforcement-based system for managing elephants which has been adopted as the system of choice in progressive facilities throughout the world.
Gail is president of a US-based non-profit, Wildlife in Need that operates the WIN Rescue Centre in the Subic Bay Forest Reserve.  She is currently Vice President of Animal Presentations at Wildlife Reserves Singapore where she oversees an array of animal programs and presentations in all four parks – Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari, and Jurong Bird Park – and leads the development of an organization-wide behavioural management program for all animals.

Previous Webinars…

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