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Why Partners are so Important

Partners: Uniting for a Common Cause

Enabling ways to improve substandard zoo welfare requires strong working relationships between key stakeholders engaged in both collection management and the welfare of the animals. Both animal welfare NGOs and the accredited zoo community all agree and maintain strong support for attaining the very highest animal welfare standards. This has been evidenced by Wild Welfare through discussions with some of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world over the last several years and we have established a good relationship with them.

The challenge of improving welfare in the world’s worst captive wild animal collections is huge. However, the unique expertise of each of these two groups creates partnerships that can make a difference. 

We develop partnerships with accredited zoo professionals and leading international animal welfare organizations to identify and improve the conditions of captive wild animals kept under circumstances of severe distress. Mobilizing active partnerships will encourage long-term welfare improvements and maximize impact.

Wild Welfare facilitates positive dialogue between accredited zoo professionals, zoo associations and leading global animal welfare NGOs. The development of core relationships will lead to pro-active global partnerships with accredited zoo professionals and leading animal welfare organizations, maintaining communication with all interested audiences. It can help result in utilizing the combined resources of professional zoo managers and the mainstream animal welfare community, building strong working relationships with agreed procedures and priorities.

Our Resident Artist Partners! 

We are very lucky to work with two wildlife artists who have supported us through donating pieces of their art and raising funds for Wild Welfare.   

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