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Urgent Call for Action on Stalled Animal Welfare Act

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Wild Welfare Adds Voice to Growing Call for Action on “Animals Abroad” Act

Wild Welfare has joined forces with over 100 other charities and individuals to sign an open letter urging the UK government to accelerate the development and implementation of the stalled ‘Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Act 2023′.

The Act, passed through British parliament last September with overwhelming cross-party support, aims to tackle the issue of animal exploitation in tourism activities outside of the UK. However, its effectiveness hinges on the creation of certain regulations outlining specific prohibited activities, which have yet to be established by the current government.

Wild Welfare, alongside other signatories, expressed concern at the lack of progress made so far. The signed open letter highlights the significance of this Act, not only for animal welfare but for the UK’s global image as an advocate for animal protection.

The Animals Act 2023 represents a critical step forward in safeguarding vulnerable animals from exploitation and illegal trades” – Simon Marsh, Director at Wild Welfare

This call for immediate action is to ensure the regulations are in place before the current parliamentary session concludes.

Wild Welfare, alongside its fellow signatories, firmly believes that the swift implementation of the Act will offer far-reaching benefits that extend well beyond only protecting animals. It should serve to actively discouraging participation in potentially dangerous activities that involves the exploitation of animals, minimising the risk of harm to both foreign tourists, tour operators, animals and their staff. These activities often involve inherent risks, and the Act seeks to mitigate those dangers by discouraging engagement.

“By signing this letter, we are urging the UK government to establish a clear timeline and mechanism for delivering the Act and ensuring its full potential is swiftly realised.”

The Act’s implementation would also solidify the UK’s position as a global leader in animal welfare matters. By taking this decisive action and demonstrating its commitment to protecting animals on a global scale, the UK has the potential to inspire other nations to adopt similar measures. This could lead to a significant increase in the level of protection provided to vulnerable species internationally.

Wild Welfare urges the UK government to seize this opportunity and translate this promising vision into tangible action for animal welfare.



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