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Vietnam's national standard makes progress

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Captive wild animal welfare guidelines one step closer

During Wild Welfare’s latest trip to Vietnam, we held meetings with captive wild animal directors to discuss raising welfare standards throughout the country.

For several years we have been working hard to develop a national standard for Vietnam. The aim is for the standard to set technical and legislative guidelines that will support regulations on wild animal care, and bring about more consistent monitoring of standards for captive wild animals.

We have been partnering closely with Animals Asia, as well as other NGOS and government authorities, to help establish these key guidelines. Meeting with government departments during this visit, we were able to discuss the draft standard that has already been submitted and identify a timeline for delivering the first ever technical guidelines for captive wild animal welfare in Vietnam in 2017.

This is a hugely positive step for captive wild animal welfare throughout the country and one that Wild Welfare is immensely proud to be a key part of.