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Supporting SEAZA in improving regional animal welfare standards

Animal care and welfare assessment training in Southeast Asia

Supporting SEAZA in improving regional animal welfare standards

Wild Welfare, in partnership with the Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association (SEAZA), has been in Vietnam this month, conducting an extensive three-day animal welfare training workshop.

With a diverse groups of facilities within SEAZA, improving animal welfare standards across its whole membership is no easy task, but April’s training set about changing that.

Wild Welfare’s director, Georgina Allen, said: “The workshop was a fantastic opportunity to develop an animal welfare assessment and development process that works for SEAZA, its members and of course the animals they care for.

“We feel very positive that the outcome of this workshop is the start of an exciting new chapter for SEAZA and its animal welfare programme,” Mrs Allen added.

Hosted by VinPearl Safari, and the Vietnam Zoos Association (VZA), Wild Welfare provided training in the development of an animal welfare programme and the implementation of regular monitoring and evaluation, to continually improve animal care standards. The overall aim is to ensure more positive animal welfare in zoos and aquariums across Southeast Asia.

Wild Welfare has been working with a number of individual national zoo associations to support improvements in animal welfare assessment and this is the first time we’ve worked with a regional zoo association that encompasses such a diverse group of zoos, standards and expertise.