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Emaciated Lion in Comilla Zoo, Bangladesh


Emaciated Lion in Comilla Zoo, Bangladesh

Recent and distressing images showing an emaciated lion at Comilla Zoo are currently circulating. We understand that the individual is around 19 years of age, yet his condition from appearances is more than just due to old age. While reports indicate that the animal is being given some veterinary treatment, the kindest thing for an animal in this condition is euthanasia, but Bangladesh has no laws on euthanasia and unfortunately it seems the zoo are not prepared to take this action. Reports that the rest of the zoo is extremely poor are also circulating.

We sadly do not have any contacts or resources in Bangladesh, but have written to the Bangladesh High Commission in London requesting that there is further investigation into this zoo and the lion’s welfare. We will report back on this animal if we hear further news.

Sadly, hundreds of zoos around the world have poor standards of care. If you plan to visit a zoo, please only visit those accredited against visible and recognised welfare standards outlined with their own constitutions or respective zoo associations. You can find a list of zoo associations and their websites here.