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Leave A Legacy Of A Life Worth Living


Leave A Legacy Of A Life Worth Living

In our latest blog we are tackling a very different subject to our usual animal welfare discussions; this week we are talking Wills. Remember A Charity Week happens every September and we are pleased to be launching our legacy giving scheme, enabling animal lovers to have the opportunity to leave a gift in their will and help us ensure that every captive wild animal can live a life worth living, now and in the future.

How many of us have been putting off writing our Will? If we’re honest, it’s one of those things none of us wants to have to think about. So, what better time to tackle this most daunting of tasks than during Remember a Charity week – the one week of the year dedicated to thinking about how you could give back after you’re gone.

Even if you haven’t written a Will yet, you may well have given some thought to who you might like to leave gifts to. After taking care of family, friends and loved ones you might also like to support a particular cause or charity close to your heart by leaving a gift in your Will. If you or someone you know have spent their life loving animals, then you may want to pledge to help them and continue to make the world a better place for animals in the future. . 

Thousands of wild animals are suffering in substandard captive conditions around the world and every year Wild Welfare’s projects help improve those animals’ lives.

“Leaving a gift in your Will to Wild Welfare, can help us ensure that all zoos are good zoos, and that wild animals in captivity get the chance to thrive, not just survive.”

If you have ever visited a zoo or captive facility and felt concerned for an animal’s welfare, then you may want to consider leaving Wild Welfare a gift in your Will. Our work is focused on ensuring that all animals living in captivity receive good welfare. We rely on the generosity of people like you to carry out our welfare projects and legacies are especially important for our vital work. 

In return for leaving Wild Welfare a gift in your Will, our promise to you is to make sustainable and lasting changes for animals that are suffering, ensuring your gift funds projects to continue to help those animals most in need by sharing skills and knowledge with the people that care for them.

We now have a comprehensive legacy page on our website, which provides further information on leaving a legacy to a charity, and where to go for further advice. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to Wild Welfare, you will be helping our team reach more animals in need globally. Your generosity will make the world of difference.

Remember A Charity Week runs from September 7th to 13th 2020, you can visit the Remember A Charity website to learn more and if you are considering remembering Wild Welfare in your Will, you can contact our friendly team at for more information.