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National Jellyfish Day

Nope, urine doesn't work to stop the sting!

National Jellyfish Day

Jellyfish have been around for more than 650 million years! However not all jellyfish have a sting and the largest jellyfish, the Lion’s Mane jellyfish, can reach up to 120 feet in length.

And we’re sorry to tell you, but urine does not help if you are stung! It contains salts and electrolytes so it is best advised to rinse the area with salt water to help cleanse the infected area. The more you rub it the more it will itch as more venom is released, but few stings are fatal with most stings subsiding in pain over 24 hours.

If you see jellyfish in the sea, leave them there! They are food for a number of marine animals such as large fish and turtles. They can also protect the small fish from being eaten by predators with their stinging cells.


Happy #nationaljellyfishday!