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Please help us to reach more primates that desperately need our help

Primates are one of the most intelligent, diverse and social groups of animals on the planet. Sadly, they are often illegally smuggled to be sold as pets and many end up living in isolation. This is devastating to their welfare and contributes to the serious decline of wild populations.

Around the world many trafficked wild animals are intercepted and confiscated by government authorities. This puts pressure on captive facilities to take in animals and many are not equipped to meet their welfare needs, causing further suffering. 


Wild Welfare provides support to captive facilities to help ensure that individual animals are not only able to survive, but thrive.

Though not a regular part of our work, we do provide help to individual animals where there are no suitable alternatives and they need to be rehomed. Siti the macaque was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Malaysia. She is currently living on her own which is stressful for a very social species and she desperately needs to be with others of her own kind. Her current carers have asked for our help to get her home to her native Indonesia, where she will have the company of other macaques and a better quality of life.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, will help improve primate welfare:

£5 will help us carry out a thorough welfare assessment for one primate in captivity

£10 helps with translation of educational resources to share with a primate facility 

£20 helps us develop primate welfare and enrichment toolkits that teach animal care staff compassionate practices

You can help us to make a difference to primates in need this Christmas

Whether improving existing primate care standards in captive wildlife facilities, rehoming a solitary primate which needs our help or supporting campaigns to improve primate welfare legislation, Wild Welfare is working towards making sure all primates in captivity are able to thrive and live a good life.
A macaque from our project partner in Thailand interacting with an enrichment device
Conducting a welfare assessment for gibbons in a Vietnamese facility

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