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Promoting animal welfare in wildlife sanctuaries

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Promoting animal welfare in wildlife sanctuaries

Wild Welfare is delighted to announce a new partnership with Global Animal Welfare (GAW), an international NGO that promotes animal welfare in wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres around the world.

Marked by a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between both organisations recently, the partnership aims to enable expertise, time and resource sharing to help improve the welfare of the millions of wild animals held in captivity, whether in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries or rescue centres around the world.

Wild Welfare shares GAW’s commitment to securing good welfare for captive wild animals and both charities believe that now more than ever a globally collaborative approach is needed to address specific welfare issues affecting captive wildlife.

Wild Welfare’s acting UK director, Simon Marsh, said: The unique expertise in captive wild animal welfare and our combined networks and partnerships mean we have a fantastic opportunity to work together on critical and ongoing welfare issues, and really make an impact for captive wild animals around the world.

“We’ve started by setting up a small but specialist working group whose members have specific expertise and experience within the captive wildlife welfare sector.”

Wild Welfare believes zoos and sanctuaries have a lot more in common than they have differences and should ultimately both want the same thing – facilities where animals can thrive and live lives worth living.

Global Animal Welfare’s Co-Founder, Nic Field said: ”We are excited to join forces with our colleagues at Wild Welfare.

“We feel our collective knowledge and experience will provide a better future for captive animals by promoting and optimising their welfare.”

GAW and Wild Welfare hope the mutual collaboration on key welfare issues will allow the implementation of immediate and long-term solutions for all animals in captive care around the world.

Wild Welfare and Global Animal Welfare will soon be launching a joint 2021 webinar series on their online platforms, featuring invited specialists from the sanctuary, animal welfare and zoo communities, as well as insight and experiences from their own teams on captive wild animal welfare.


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Wild Welfare is a global organisation committed to improving animal welfare for captive wild animals. By uniting the world’s leading zoos, zoo associations and animal welfare organisations, we build trusting partnerships that help provide long-term solutions to critical wild animal welfare issues.

Our vision is to end the suffering of captive wild animals around the world and ensure full and sustainable protection is given to all animals in human care. Find out more at Registered charity in England and Wales No.1165941.

Global Animal Welfare is an international charity committed to promoting and improving animal welfare in sanctuaries and rescue centres through delivering and facilitating expertise, capacity building, continuous consultation and monitoring.

Our vision is to facilitate optimum care in wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres, promoting good welfare and encouraging suitable release. Find out more at Registered charity Chamber of Commerce Netherlands (KvK): 75270307.

Image © Global Animal Welfare/Born Free: A cheetah at one of GAW’s projects in Ethiopia