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10 Unique Fundraising Ideas That Won't Make You Yawn

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10 Unique Fundraising Ideas That Won’t Make You Yawn

Tired of the same old cookie sales or sponsored runs? Buckle up, because we’ve curated a list of ten unconventional but effective fundraising ideas guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, that are fun to do, and will raise money for favourite charity too!

Get ready to ditch those tired sponsorship ideas and put the FUN back into fundraising…

1.  Mystery Boxes: Who doesn’t love a surprise? Create mystery boxes filled with random goodies and sell them online or to your close friends. The thrill of the unknown will have people lining up to see what they’ll get. This is also a great way of decluttering your old stuff from around the house.

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2. Acts of Kindness Extravaganza: Spread some positivity and goodwill with a random acts of kindness challenge. Commit to performing a set number of kind deeds within a week or month, and encourage sponsors to contribute for each act. Kindness truly is contagious, and so is your fundraising potential!

3. Shop and Give (For Free!): You can fundraise without even trying! Use websites like for your regular online shopping. A percentage of your purchase goes to your chosen charity, at absolutely no cost to you. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

4. Become a Polyglot Pro: Challenge yourself to learn a new language in a set timeframe. Seek sponsors per milestone reached, or host a language-themed video chat to showcase your progress. Imagine starting to understand a foreign language in just a few weeks (and the donations you could raise!)

5. Online Trivia Night: Dust off your brain cells and get ready for a trivia showdown! Design unique categories, challenging questions, and themed rounds. Invite your friends and family to battle it out, while participants chip in to play along or donate for correct answers and team rankings.

Friends gather for a charity online quiz night

6. Digital Detox Challenge: Can you survive without your phone for a day? Take the tech-free challenge and seek sponsorships for every hour you stay disconnected from the digital world. Rediscover the beauty of real-life interactions and raise money for a good cause in the process.

7. Game On!: Gather your fellow gaming aficionados for an epic 12hr or 24hr charity gaming marathon. Whether it’s video games, board games, or card games, get ready for hours of fun while raising money for a cause. Encourage donations throughout the marathon and let the games begin!

8. Kick the Habit (For Charity): Feeling brave? Challenge yourself to give up caffeine, sugar, or alcohol for a month. Seek sponsors to chip in for every day you successfully resist those cravings. Prove your willpower and start to feel great in the process.

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9. Share Your Skills: Provide an online training course or tutorial by sharing your expertise, with proceeds going to charity! You can host information or sessions on a blog, YouTube video, Facebook Live or via a dedicated platform such as LinkedIn Learning or Skillshare. Ensure to engage your audience and promote your fundraising activity.

10. Volunteering Marathon: You don’t need to run miles for this marathon. Just dedicate a chunk of time to volunteering for a cause close to your home and heart. Seek sponsorships for each hour or day you spend volunteering. Not only will you be making a difference, but you’ll also be raising vital funds for Wild Welfare too.


So, you’ve chosen your magnificent fundraising idea and are ready to launch your campaign for the incredible Wild Welfare. Here’s how to turn your good intentions into real action:

First things first, choose a fundraising platform. JustGiving and are popular options that make setting up a fundraising page and collecting donations for Wild Welfare really easy.

Next, share your passion for Wild Welfare’s mission and explain why you’re fundraising. Personalise your story with pictures or even a short video message to connect with your potential donors. Don’t forget to spread the word! Share your fundraising page on social media, email your friends and family, and even encourage colleagues to join in on the fun. The more people who know about your fundraiser, the more support you can gather. Then, sit back and watch the donations roll in! Remember, every contribution, big or small, makes a big difference and brings you closer to your sponsorship goal.

So there you have it! Put down those cookie cutters and embrace these unique fundraising ideas. Remember, the key is to have fun, be creative, and get your friends, family and community involved. Be sure to let us know if you come up with any more unique and innovative ways to fundraise that we could add to our list.

Now go forth and fundraise like a superstar!


Pro Tip: Download the Wild Welfare Fundraising Pack to help with every aspect of planning your sponsored activity!