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World Oceans Day


World Oceans Day

8 June, 2017 – World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is an annual celebration, held on the 8th of June, to highlight and celebrate the Earth’s oceans and raise awareness of the issues and threats they are facing.

This year’s theme Our Oceans, Our Future, is bringing plastic to everyone’s attention. Plastic pollution and marine litter threaten the world’s oceans and the marine mammals, birds, fish and plant species that inhabit them. Urgent action is required to protect oceans from further damage and ensure they can continue performing their essential functions of feeding us, providing us oxygen, regulating our climate and cleaning the water we drink.

This World Oceans Day, find out if your local Zoo or Aquarium has an event you can be involved with. Is there a themed documentary film showing, a beach clean, a volunteering opportunity or a presentation or exhibition you would like to attend?

You can visit the World Oceans Day Website and get involved HERE

Wild Welfare has collated a selection of information and initiatives that we hope will inspire you to protect and preserve the world’s oceans on this special day and indeed every day!

  • Learn All About Whales and Dolphins HERE
  • Take The #plasticchallenge HERE
  • If You Eat Fish- Source Sustainable HERE
  • Be Inspired by the World’s Largest Beach Clean HERE

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