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Caricuao Zoo's animals continue to suffer


Caricuao Zoo’s animals continue to suffer

The sad situation at one of Venezuela’s main zoos – Caricuao Zoo, continues, with reports of animals starving to death and even animals being killed for food. The situation is worse outside of the capital but as the country’s tragic problems continue for both people and animals, there is little doubt that the zoo animals will continue to suffer.

Wild Welfare has been in touch with a number of organisations to see how possible it is for this zoo and others in the country to receive financial aid, however the magnitude of the political situation is making it extremely hard to gain appropriate access and ensure the funds are used for the animals.

We will continue to try and identify possible sources of support and work with those who have the infrastructure to deliver it where it is needed most.

Image © REUTERS/Carlos Jasso, an employee gives papaya to an Andean bear at Venezuela’s Paraguana Zoo