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Elephants Jun and Gold socialise in Vietnam


Elephants Jun and Gold socialise in Vietnam

We’re one of the founding members of the Vietnam Elephant Initiative (VEI), an initiative set up to provide resources and practical advice to Vietnam’s Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC), and help support long-term improvements in care and veterinary treatment for captive elephants in Vietnam.

The ECC is home for Jun and Gold, two injured and orphaned young bull elephants that were sadly not able to be returned to the wild. Through our work as a member of VEI, we help ensure Jun and Gold’s care and welfare is the best it can be, and the most recent action was to work on integrating the two young bulls, so they can play, learn and generally hang out together- something absolutely essential for a hugely social species.

Filmed in Dak Lak last week, new videos taken by centre staff shows just how well the first interaction went. We are so pleased to see the two elephants enjoying spending time together and hope the integration continues to go well. Wild Welfare will continue to provide support and ensure that as Jun and Gold grow and their needs change, their ongoing care and welfare can be carefully considered and adapted accordingly.

Watch Jun and Gold’s Interaction Here and more on the Vietnam Elephant Initiative Here