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Lyka the Lion in Maasin Zoo

Lion in a zoo enclosure

Lyka the Lion in Maasin Zoo

We continue to liaise with our colleagues from PhilZoos and individual zoo facilities the Philippines in regard to Lyka the blind lion at Maasin Zoo. The zoo is a government-run zoo in the Philippines. Lyka has been written off as a ‘breeding mistake’ by the zoo, after going blind as a result of a congenital eye problem and now lives in a very small and barren enclosure in the zoo that is based in Iloilo, southern Philippines. We have had reports that the rest of the zoo is in sub-standard condition as well.

PhilZoos is the Philippine Zoos & Aquariums Association – The National Zoo Association of the Philippines. Maasin Zoo is not a PhilZoo member, and as such does not need to abide by the associations ethical and welfare philosophy. However, our colleagues in the Philippines and at PhilZoos, are concerned for all animals in captivity and have told us that: “While Maasin Zoo is not a member of Philippine Zoos & Aquarium Association (Philzoos), Philzoos, however, is looking into the matter already and is coordinating with Maasin Zoo and the concerned government agency on addressing the issues raised.”

We will continue to report on updates and support improvements where we can for Lyka and other animals at this zoo.

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