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Returning to Vietnam to help zoos improve animal welfare

binturong in zoo enclosure sleeping

Returning to Vietnam to help zoos improve animal welfare

Wild Welfare is visiting Vietnam in April, to assist wild captive animal directors in raising animal welfare standards throughout the country.

While many modern zoos and aquariums strive to be innovative, educational and inspiring for visitors, sadly many others fail as a commercial enterprise because of a lack of regulation, expertise, resources or community empowerment. It is not only very distressing for visitors to view animals suffering in inadequate, impoverished enclosures, but poor welfare also has drastic and long-lasting effects on the animals.

This is why Wild Welfare is working in partnership with key experts from the Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association (SEAZA) and the Vietnam Zoos Association (VZA), the Vietnam government and other NGOs in the region, to identify long-term solutions to increasing standards of captive animal welfare.

In April, we are providing an animal welfare assessment training workshop, hosted by the newly opened facility, Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park, on Phú Quốc Island. Delegates from throughout South East Asia will be attending and the training will support both SEAZA and VZA to implement welfare assessment standards for their member zoos. This training will significantly help Southeast Asian individuals and zoo experts champion better welfare practices for captive zoo animals in the region.