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Animal enrichment training in action

Leopard in a zoo enjoying enrichment items

Animal enrichment training in action

Wild Welfare returned to Indonesia’s Ragunan Zoo, earlier this month, and saw the positive results of previously conducted enrichment training.

Our team carried out enrichment training at Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta, earlier this year, in partnership with organisation The Shape of Enrichment (SHAPE). The training involved providing zoo staff with practical ideas and methods for building animal enrichments.

Dave Morgan, our field director, made a return visit to Ragunan this month and was very pleased to see their Sri Lankan leopard in a newly enriched enclosure. The leopard’s housing contained a new hanging rope log and multiple opportunities for climbing with thick log branches.

Environmental enrichment is essential for captive wild animals. Offering opportunities for the expression and exploration of species-specific behaviours, helps provide for the animal’s positive physical and mental wellbeing, and allows zoo visitors to see animals acting in a natural way.

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